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Customer Testimonials

Corinna, you were superb last night.  Knowing how hard you work, it was really gratifying to see what a great evening you pulled off.  People were having a very good time and the tone of it came from you.  After watching you in action this year some of my reservations about having the festival grow are evaporating.  As long as people like you are involved, why not a weekend-long festival on Sandy Hook Bay with the ferry carrying New Yorkers in and out?  Your enthusiasm is contagious... and congratulations on last night.  

Joan Ellis
Movie Critic

 I have watched Corinna over the years as President of the AH Elementary School.  Under her guidance, she made improvements in the outside appearance of the school by major landscaping projects, by improvements in the playground, and by adding a sign outside the school.  The most important part of this is not the many improvements, but the sense of community that is developed from her leadership.  She is a hard worker and does not work alone.  She is able to motivate people to want to work with her and to accomplish the goals.  She is a fabulous  leader, inspirational, cooperative, and uses her sense of humor as if it were champagne.

Margaret Moro
President, Atlantic Highlands Arts Council